Man, Machines and Marine Marketing

HeadshotsWanda Kenton Smith
Soundings Trade Only
October 1, 2019

The interaction between humans and machines has long been a relationship that captures our imagination, from Fritz Lang’s Metropolis in 1927 to 2001: A Space Odyssey in 1968 to I, Robot in 2004. Today, those once-futuristic scripts have morphed into living reality. Artificial intelligence, or AI, is entering virtually all walks of life, including marketing applications.

Today’s machines can understand human speech and respond to it. (Alexa, anyone?) Ever wondered how Facebook identifies friends in posted photos before you tag them? Or how Pandora knows which musical artists to recommend? Or how LinkedIn delivers profiles of professionals with whom you may wish to engage?

Machine learning now contributes to everything from military intelligence gathering to the autonomous operation of automobiles. Marketers in the automotive sphere also are using the technology.

“The most common use case of AI in automotive marketing is personalized marketing,” says J.D. Power Chief Data Officer Seongioon Koo. “AI systems can analyze comprehensive customer information and predict crucial information at the consumer level, such as the likelihood of vehicle purchase, purchase time frame, make-model preference, and preferred price band.”

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