B.E.S.T. Course Toolkit

A few years ago, MMA undertook a major initiative to benefit the boating industry. A task force and committee was formed to produce diversity training materials to assist with marine marketing to women initiatives.

The result is the “Boating Education and Safety Training Course (B.E.S.T.) — Just For Women.” The marketing toolkit created by the Marine Marketers of America includes a basic framework that guides marine retailers in how to develop and offer the B.E.S.T. Course. The toolkit also includes various marketing and advertising materials that can be conveniently downloaded and readily adapted to meet the needs of program providers and partners to promote the program and encourage participation.

The goal of the B.E.S.T. Course – Just For Women is to provide the recreational marine industry with a boating education and boat handling training program framework that will help provide the knowledge, skills and confidence to enable women to operate a boat safely on our waterways. While the marketing toolkit was developed by MMA, the B.E.S.T. Course results from a limited pilot project effort developed and implemented by MMA in partnership with Buckeye Marine, of Kawartha Lakes, Ontario (Canada).

Recommended Guidelines for Establishing a Women’s Boating Education Program
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