Attend the Grow Boating Summit!

We Encourage All Industry Marketers to Attend the Grow Boating Summit!

Marine Marketers of America is a proud co-sponsor of this year’s Grow Boating Summit.
We invite and encourage all industry marketers to attend this outstanding professional development event.

Invest in yourself and your team while having the opportunity to mix and mingle with the best marketers in the biz!

Your friends and professional marketing colleagues of Marine Marketers of America hope to see YOU there!

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5 PR Strategies You Need Now

Public relations (PR) plays an increasingly critical role in making or sustaining a successful business. With the rise of social media and online review sites that can make or break a business, coupled with the power attributed to key influencers and the continued blurring between paid and earned (non-paid) media, having a thorough PR strategy is a mandate for success. Likewise, having no strategic PR plan potentially places a business in jeopardy.

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Customer Retention

Published May, 2018, Soundings Trade Only

When it comes to marketing, the ancient Greek adage “Know thyself” which was inscribed on the front of the Temple of Apollo at Delphi for all seekers of insight to see, may be less important than “Know thy customer.”

While much about marketing is about getting more customers — an undertaking that can be expensive — the flip side of this process, retaining existing customers, is just as important and often considerably less expensive. Read More

What we can learn from 2017’s best marketers

Headshots2Tito’s Vodka, Samsung and The New York Times offer boating-industry lessons
Published February, 2018, Soundings Trade Only

Imitation, our learned forebears have said, is the sincerest form of flattery. Let’s face it: Original ideas are few and far between, and hard to come by. Read More

Sharpen Your Social Media Strategies

Headshotsby Wanda Kenton Smith, Kenton Smith Marketing
Published February, 2018, Soundings Trade Only

Unlike traditional media that remained virtually unchanged for decades, today’s digital and social media evolve at the speed of light. To stay on the cutting edge, marketers absolutely must stay laser-focused on the latest technological developments to tap the real-time power of today’s technology. Companies that hope to remain relevant must support their marketing organizations by insisting upon — and investing in — ongoing professional development.  Read More

Seven ideas for smarter marketing

Headshotsby Wanda Kenton Smith, Kenton Smith Marketing
Published January, 2018, Soundings Trade Only

As we all welcome 2018 and head into a new year filled with new windows of opportunity, I’m challenging you to join me in considering the relevancy of your marketing activities.

Start by listing all of your marketing deliverables, and then study that list. Are you doing the exact same things you’ve always done? Just how relevant and useful is the marketing program you’re championing? Read More

An IBEX summit not to be missed

Headshotsby Wanda Kenton Smith, Kenton Smith Marketing
Published September, 2017, Soundings Trade Only

Ten years ago, I had a vision. I dreamed of an association for marine marketers exclusively — an organization that would provide an important voice in our industry.

I pictured a gathering of marketers who would work together to share best practices. I saw this association creating and launching an awards program to celebrate Read More

Fresh ideas to grow your business: Sail conference was rich in creative marketing thought

Headshotsby Wanda Kenton Smith, Kenton Smith Marketing
Published July, 2017, Soundings Trade Only

I’m saying it again: I’m all in when it comes to professional development. The minute you stop learning is the minute you start down the path to obsolescence. Change cracks the whip at lightning speed. Read More

A promising route to Google supremacy ‘Content marketing’ can deliver a listings breakout

Headshotsby Wanda Kenton Smith, Kenton Smith Marketing
Published May, 2017, Soundings Trade Only

When you want an answer to something, who are you gonna call? Ghostbusters?

All joking aside, depending on the topic, maybe you’ll turn to a trusted colleague, friend or family member. Read More

Marine Marketers of America

Formed in 2007, Marine Marketers of America is the exclusive, leading association of marketing professionals who specialize in publicizing, promoting, showing, advertising and selling the products, services and causes known collectively as the “boating industry.”

Marine Marketers of America…

Is the voice for marketers inside and outside the industry;

Provides members with outstanding professional development opportunities;

Organizes events for networking and idea-sharing;

Sponsors the national Neptune Awards Program to recognize outstanding achievement
in marine advertising, public relations and promotions;