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Marine Marketing in a Coronavirus World

WANDA KENTON SMITH Soundings Trade Only April 9, 2020 What appeared to be a promising year based on early season boat show attendance, orders and consumer confidence came to a crashing slide in many parts of the world with the advent and rapid spread… Continue Reading “Marine Marketing in a Coronavirus World”

Offshore Sailing School Launches #DocksideChatswithSteve on Social Media Channels

Offshore Sailing School Launches #DocksideChatswithSteve on Social Media Channels Offshore Sailing School founders Steve and Doris Colgate are producing self-made #DocksideChatswithSteve from their home on the Caloosahatchee River in Southwest Florida, for a little sailing-oriented entertainment to those who may also be homebound during… Continue Reading “Offshore Sailing School Launches #DocksideChatswithSteve on Social Media Channels”

MarineMax Creates New Customer Experience Platform

MarineMax Creates New Customer Experience Platform, Led by Boatyard Founder Nathan Heber MarineMax recently announced the acquisition of pioneering Boatyard digital platform to transform the boating customer experience, creating a new way for boat owners to enjoy their passion, wherever and whenever they want.… Continue Reading “MarineMax Creates New Customer Experience Platform”

MarineMax Online Boat Shows Continue to Produce Results

In December 2018, MarineMax tried something new. The event was called “Virtual Yacht Expo,” but there wasn’t a single yacht on display. Instead, an online platform was designed to “display” yachts from across the country. Anyone anywhere could log in any time and visit… Continue Reading “MarineMax Online Boat Shows Continue to Produce Results”

Sea Tow Foundation Announces Inaugural Winners of “National Boating Industry Safety Awards”

The Sea Tow Foundation recently announced winners of its inaugural National Boating Industry Safety Awards at the Elevate Summit in Orlando. The awards were sponsored and judged by the newly established National Sober Skipper Advisory Council and funded through a grant from the Sport… Continue Reading “Sea Tow Foundation Announces Inaugural Winners of “National Boating Industry Safety Awards””

Teakdecking Systems Announces New Partnership with The Nature Conservancy

Teakdecking Systems (TDS), the world’s premier manufacturer of teak decking has launched a campaign to conserve Myanmar’s biological and cultural assets, and to restore forests, by donating $50,000 to The Nature Conservancy. TDS is committed to increasing awareness of this important campaign to colleagues… Continue Reading “Teakdecking Systems Announces New Partnership with The Nature Conservancy”

Kenton Smith & DeMartini win Kicker Marine Audio Marketing Account

MMA members Marilyn DeMartini of PR Power and Wanda Kenton Smith of Kenton Smith Marketing jointly pitched and recently won the national Kicker Marine Audio marketing account. The twosome are actively engaged in marketing/media consulting, brand initiatives, PR, promotions, partnerships/sponsorship and content development.

Congratulations to Regal Boats on 50th Anniversary!

Regal Boats of Orlando, FL launched its 50th anniversary celebration with an international dealer meeting at the Ocean Reef Club, followed by a VIP invitation-only press event at the company’s Orlando, FL World Headquarters. Most recently, the company hosted an employee party at an… Continue Reading “Congratulations to Regal Boats on 50th Anniversary!”

The Most Important Page on Your Website

Victor Gonzalez Director of Marketing, Sportsman Boats Dec, 2019 Do you know, on average, how many visitors you get to your homepage a month? It is no secret that the homepage is the one of the highest trafficked page of your site. But yet… Continue Reading “The Most Important Page on Your Website”

Strategies for Selling to the Affluent

WANDA KENTON SMITH Soundings Trade Only Dec 1, 2019 What better place to talk about engaging and marketing to individuals with high net worth than the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show? Miles of docks were glittered with majestic megayachts. Affluent people attended the show… Continue Reading “Strategies for Selling to the Affluent”